We market the properties aggressively using both old and new methods. All of our listings are syndicated to 50+ consumer websites. All of our ad copy is well worded and professionally written. Any signage used is professionally created. We do not use hand written signs.
Our property showings are scheduled through our website and scheduling system and shown by professional REALTORS® and sales techniques used for increased sales and faster occupancy
Our maintenance staff has over 15 years experience in residential and apartment repairs and can get most problems fixed quickly and less expensive than other services.
We have more ways for residents to pay than any other local management firm. Online payments through our portal, In-Person, any CVS, Family Dollar or ACE Cash Express can also accept payments using the PayNearMe Service. We make it easy to pay so you get paid.
We have the technology and flexibility to sign a lease anywhere. Whether it is on paper, tablet at the showing or in person at our office. We will thoroughly cover every aspect of the lease, addendums, and our exclusive Resident Handbook.
All prospective residents are screened using TransUnion® SmartMove® service and must meet our Qualifying Criteria before they can lease.
We use every available tool to collect balances owed. We will evict and sue for rent. We will file hot check charges for NSF and we report all balances owed to collection agencies who report to the credit bureaus..
Every resident and owner has a portal login to view their accounts online. Owners can view their properties as well as their income at any time day or night.

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Brandon and his team at BLAZE Property Management provide the best owner and tenant services. They are quick to respond and pay attention to detail. I would recommend them for any property owner that needs anything from maintenance to full service management.
Frank R. Single Owner
Been working with Brandon, Tammie and their team for a while now. They've been great to work with. Always professional and on time. I'd strongly recommend to any owner.
Tim B Multi-Family Owner