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Are you interested in selling your home? Are you looking for the right brokerage to list and maximize your profits? Blaze Real Estate offers great service and skill in the Amarillo market. From the preparation process to negotiating the finer details of a sales contract, to have great photography done and the list goes on and on. Most importantly you need a brokerage that is going to price your home correctly. Call us today for a free Comparative Market Analysis and see what your home is worth today!

  • When should I contact you if I want to list my home?

The perfect time is always right now! The rule sooner the better would apply here. We hear too many stories about missing the market. We run in in-depth Comparative Market Analysis to show you what you could potentially sell your home for. We also do a walk-through of your home to make any possible suggestions and ideas on how we could maximize your return. The best way to sell a home, of course, is as-is but speaking with the right professional they will guide you in the best way possible. 

  • What’s different about you and top brokerages in town?

Listing is the easy part. Every Realtor has access to the MLS. How your home is being marketed and presented is what will make a difference. Technology is at the heart of listing and selling homes and real estate. We use everything imaginable to get your property in front of the many buyers and their agents currently looking for their next home… your home.  *Social media, *50 major websites, *Video, *Professional Photography, *Amazing Graphics *Drone footage

  • Why blaze real estate?

The Blaze Real Estate team is highly trained and motivated to help you.  When you call or visit our office you are greeted by friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. We are very passionate and take pride in our work and our main goal is to over-deliver. We are an honest team looking to establish a long-term relationship with you and your families. When you list with us we will give our honest opinion about how well your property will sell as-is and provide critical feedback on changes that could be made to improve your bottom line. We will actively assess the cumulative impact of these changes, estimate potential proceeds of selling your property, and plan effective tax savings and estate planning strategies. We will ensure that you not only take control of your finances but use them to their fullest potential.

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