Rently Comes to BLAZE Property

Rently is a keybox and scheduling service.

With Rently there are two options, a self-showing system with electronic lockbox that allows potential renters to enter a home with a lockbox after verifying their identity. This opens up the potential showing times to almost any time of the day without having to schedule with an agent. These are optional on all of our rentals.

The second option and the one most owners prefer is the agent scheduled showing. This system allows the potential renters to schedule an agent showing using the state of the art scheduling service. This makes our scheduling more efficient and productive. Fitting more showings into a day than was previously possible.

This service also allows us to fully track every potential resident and re-market other homes that may interest them. This increases rental fill rates and gets more residents to the right house for them.

How does this affect your listing?

  • You can choose at any time to opt-in (positive confirmation) to allow the self-showing option. This is never done without prior owner approval.
  • In either case your rentals now get more efficient scheduling and more showings per listing due to the addition of this great technology.
  • More exposure. Rently syndicates the listing to even more websites before.

BLAZE Property Management is the ONLY mangement company in Amarillo and surrounding areas to use this technology.