Blaze Real Estate has created a solution to protect you and your property from pet damage because animals are here to stay.


Blaze is one of the only property management companies in Amarillo that is committed to protecting your property against pet damage! 

Introducing Pet Damage Protection

Blaze Minimizes Your Risk and Maximizes Peace of Mind

The Benefits of Allowing Pets

While it might give you heartburn, there are many real estate investors, like you, who are successfully renting out their properties to tenants with pets without much fuss or struggle. Here are some benefits that come with opening up to furry friends — and their owners.

How does this Program work?

Every tenant placed by Blaze registers through our pet screening service regardless of pet status.

Tenants without pets, sign an affidavit stating they will not allow pets of any sort for any length of time in the property or unit.

Tenants with Service/Emotional Support Animals are screened, free of charge, to ensure compliance with federal laws and that the tenant has a legitimate need for the animal(s).

Blaze thoroughly screens every pet that tenants want to get approved. Blaze is partnered with a third-party pet screening company that specializes in screening and ranking the risk of pets.

When a pet is approved, the tenant pays Pet Administrative Fees, Pet Deposits, and/or monthly Pet Fees each month to Blaze Real Estate.

Beginning January 1, 2021, Blaze keeps the fees and uses them to cover our costs of administering the program and making repairs to your property if an approved pet causes damage. For example, if an approved pet in your property causes damage to the carpet and $1,500 of carpet needs replaced, Blaze replaces the carpet at no cost to you!

This program covers up to $4,000 in damage above the tenant’s deposit!

The program does not cover emotional support animals, companion animals, service animals or unapproved pets that the tenant concealed from us. However, we will try to recover the pet admin fees that the tenant was required to pay, and if recovered, we would then be able to cover the damage.

Blaze’s Policy on # of Pets

GENERAL RULES (Unless otherwise restricted by Owner, HOA or City):

1 Pet allowed in apartment, or any multi-unit that does not have access to a yard

Up to 2 Pets allowed in houses, townhomes or multi-units with yard access

The TAA Animal addendum and Resident handbook rules will apply regarding pets and service animals.

Risks of Renting to Tenants With Pets

There are several considerations to take into account before opening up your space to that Daschund with the sweet eyes–but very sharp teeth.

Property Damage

It’s clear that dogs, cats, and other pets can cause damage such as scratching the doors, chewing the floors, and having accidents on the carpet. These are just a few of the exploits that unattended and improperly trained pets can have. There are costs associated with the cleanup and repairs to be factored in when making the decision to allow destructive pets into a rental home.

This is why Blaze will cover up to an additional $4000 when pets cause damage above the security deposit amount. The security deposit will be exhausted first and If the deposits and $4000 are exhausted the remaining balance will be pursued through collections process.


Why is Blaze offering a Pet Damage Protection Program?

67% of all tenants have pets and that number is increasing.

Higher Occupancy Rates / Reduced Vacancy

Keep Tenants Longer. Longer-Term Tenants Who Renew

Avoid Fair Housing Violations & Discrimination Suits

Less Worry and Headache

More Security / Peace of Mind

By allowing Blaze Real Estate to manage your home with an approved a pet, you are automatically enrolled in Blaze’s Pet Damage Protection Plan at no cost to the Owner. If Blaze approves a pet that causes damage to the premises, Blaze will cover pet-caused damage up to $4,000.00 (Four Thousand Dollars) in the case that cost of the pet damage is in excess of the tenant’s security deposit held by Blaze. Leases with pets at the time Blaze assumes management are not included in the Pet Damage Protection Program until such time as the lease is renewed and fees are being collected. 

PET DAMAGE PROTECTION TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Blaze Property Management, LLC. dba Blaze Real Estate’s policy is that all properties that we list are “pet-friendly” unless an HOA or city with jurisdiction over the property has prohibited pets in their covenants, community rules, or ordinances. This is to ensure compliance with fair housing laws by treating all properties and applicants equally, as well as allowing for standardized policies and procedures within our brokerage. To assist in possible pet-related damages, Blaze will provide a Pet Damage Protection Program at no additional cost to the Owner. To cover the cost of the Pet Damage Protection Program, Blaze reserves the right to collect additional fees from Tenant that include but are not limited to: administrative fees, pet deposits, and additional fees. Should there be any pet-related damage, Blaze will first pull from the security deposit, then once the security deposit is exhausted, will cover an additional $4000 for pet-related damages through the Pet Damage Protection Program. Blaze will solely determine what pet-related damage is. Should damage covered by the Pet Damage Protection Program occur, a Blaze approved vendor will make the needed repairs. Vendors will be used and approved at Blaze’s sole discretion. Assistance Animals, companion animals, emotional support animals, and service animals as defined by federal and state law (to include any animal that assists a tenant in any way with a legitimate disability) are not considered pets, cannot be denied even in an HOA/COA community that does not allow pets, and are not subject to any pet fees. Therefore Assistance Animals cannot be covered by the Pet Damage Protection Program. The benefits of the Pet Damage Protection Program expire upon the cancellation of management services by Blaze, or sale of the property. Both Blaze and Owner understand that Pet Damage Protection Program is NOT insurance and is in no way a replacement or substitute for any insurances that may be offered by licensed insurance agencies. Blaze reserves the right to modify the Pet Damage Protection Plan with a 30-day notice to the Owner. The owner does hereby agree to this policy.