Properties that allow pets rent faster than those that do not. Up to 10 days faster in most cases. 

Our animal protection policy encourages owners to allow pets without costing them a penny. 

We will screen all animals before signing a new lease, making sure that tenants AND their animals are approved before moving in. 

  • We pay for any damages exceeding the security deposit caused by an approved animal.
  • We screen each animal.
  • $1,000 of included free coverage.
  • No-pet tenants will be required to sign an affidavit that they have no pets, no intention of getting pets, and that they will not allow pets on the property for any reason including visitors and pet-sitting.  This is free for tenants without pets. Abuse of this option will result in lease violations and fines. Sample Affidavit
  • Tenants with pets must register each pet (maximum of 2) with petscreening.com and also certify that they will not exceed the 2 pet maximum, that all vaccinations are current and provide all relevant information about the pet including a photo of each pet. The tenant must pay the fee of $20 for 1 pet and $15 for the second. They must update this profile yearly. Failure to register pets or renew with petscreening.com will be a lease violation and additional fees will be charged.
  • Tenants with service animals, in addition to the above information, must also provide their documentation regarding the need for a service animal. This will be verbally verified with the provider by petscreening.com to ensure that the animal is indeed a service or support animal. This service is free to tenants by federal law.

With this implementation we are better able to verify pet/animal status and compliance with pet/animal policies for current and future tenants.

A pet fee will be charged for each pet as well as monthly pet rent. These fees will be retained by BLAZE Property. Each property that accepts pets will be covered for up to $4000 in pet damage caused by authorized pets at no cost to the owner. Unauthorized pet damage is not included. Should an owner decide not to opt-in pets will not be accepted at the property.