YES! We offer lease only services

You might want to manage the property yourself and the joy of direct interaction with your tenants or you have found a tenant and need them screened and a lease agreement prepared. In that case you are the perfect candidate for our lease only services. 

You might want to test the waters and see how it is a management company performs. That’s ok too!

What do you charge for lease only?

$1000 covers all services and expenses including Realtor referral fees. 


YES – BLAZE will cover the leasing commission out of the total payment of $1,000.00.

What are the benefits of this program?

1) Complete market analysis of the property and potential rental income
2) Market the property on the MLS, our website, social media and syndicated listing sites
3) Use HD Pictures,  Video Marketing and Virtual Tours
4) Post our branded sign and Lockbox on the Home
5) Collect and Screen Applications (application fees are charged the the applicant)
6) Screen pets or service animals
7) Present Applications to Owner for Review
8) Draft and Execute a Lease Agreement
9) Arrange for the tenant to move into the home
10) Turnover all tenant funds and contacts to Owner

What if i decide to sign a full management agreement later

We get it. You want to test the waters and we are OK with that. Just let us know that you want us to take over and we will setup the transfer and credit what you have paid to your balance.