We guarantee that we can find a qualified tenant for your home within 30 days!

To qualify for this program:

  • BLAZE must set the rental price. 
  • Must allow approved pets (see Animal Protection Plan)
  • The home must be vacant
  • The home must be rent ready

As an owner/investor the last thing you need is to be out months of rent while your property sits vacant. 
Let BLAZE set your mind at ease knowing that your property will be leased quickly and with qualified tenants or your first month is free. NO LEASE FEE, NO MANAGEMENT FEE. 

Why do you insist on setting the rental price? 
BLAZE has the extensive market knowledge, data, and experience pricing properties to lease, set the price too high and your property could sit for months costing you more in lost rent than you could recover in a year at a higher price. Sometimes as little as $25 could mean the difference in leasing and stagnation or lost revenue.